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1234 Order and Alignment

My daughter is in the kitchen begging for food.

Her: Mommy. Mommy, cheese?
Her: Mommy, Mommy, Peanut Butter?
Me: Yes,  JaMya but you have to wait.
Me: I didn’t say no, I said wait.

Then it hit me. I’ve been acting like this towards you. God, God, please do this, please do that. God, God…. You keep showing me that you are going to do it but my patience is wearing thin. I’m getting anxious about it. This was just one of your friendly reminders to wait on you.

I know this but when I focus more on my circumstances than you, all my Godly wisdom goes out of the front door lol. I know I have to set my eyes on all things above. Father, you know your child. SMH. You know I need constant reminders sometimes.

So the last few days have been really trying. One minute I’m up and encouraged and the next I’m questioning everything. I’m just going to go in reverse here. Maybe. Well, no, this may just be all over the place.

You’ve been showing me 1234, and I know why. It’s because you are a God of order, I always say that! And 1234 is a sign of order. I interpret it as one step at a time, one day at a time. Even lately, I’ve been singing “Order My Steps” often. I never bothered to look it up because I have to protect myself and its too much numerology witchcraft stuff going on. But yesterday, I looked it up and read an amazing Christ centered  article about 1234.

It still amazes me how you will use the internet to speak to me. This girl’s article talked about your order and alignment. She talked about how everything happens in order in your time in aligning us with your will. It really spoke to me and encouraged me.

Normally you’ll give me the articles I need and I don’t have look any further because I know it gives the devil room to creep in. How about I looked at one more article - I didn’t read it, just skimmed through it. Holy Spirit was starting and I saw something that said “the universe, the angels, are trying to recruit you, trying to communicate with you”. And my Holy Spirit went off.

I mean the tingling, the burning, my ears ringing. I got out of there FAST. Oh heck no….. unh unh! The Bible says we aren’t to communicate with the angels or anyone in the spiritual realm beside You. I’m just so happy to have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of me to guide me and protect me. We have to start listening to the ways the Holy Spirit deals with us.

I remember when I use to ignore it, I didn’t know what it was. I just thought I was being a punk you know. Depending on what it was, I couldn’t let others think I was a chicken because of my gut feeling. But back then, I didn’t know what it was. I could’ve been saved from so much. My God. Praise God that I know now!

Has God ever used a number to reveal anything to you? What did it mean?  Or how does your Holy Spirit speak to you?

Please share your testimony.

Love you all with the love of Jesus Christ


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