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A Prayer for My Enemies

God, as I was reading 1st Samuel 19:17, it referenced 2nd Samuel 2:22 but I accidentally turned to 2nd Samuel 22:2. Here’s the thing. I prayed to you last night, asking if I could find a prayer in the bible that I could pray to help me through this battle, to avenge me of my enemies, to protect me. I wasn’t sure if there was such a prayer and that I would Google it in the morning. Normally, I almost always pick up my phone as soon as I wake, but instead I chose to pick up my bible. And here you were waiting for me. Just for me! Turning to 2nd Samuel 22:2 was not a coincident, it was you answering my prayers. You gave me the perfect prayer and I have reworded it for myself. 

In praising you in the midst of my circumstance, I praise you for being my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer. Yes, in you I will trust. You are my shield, the horn of my salvation, my hightower, my refuge. I will call on the Lord who is worthy to be praised. So shall I be saved from mine enemies. In my distress, I cry out to you. Thank you God that you did hear my cry. My cry did enter your ears. Then you showed yourself. 

I believe on this day, you will show yourself O God. Deliver me from my strong enemy and from those that hate me for this is too strong for me Father. Be my stay Lord God. Lord, I ask that you have delighted in me to deliver me. Bring me forth into a large place. God if iniquity be upon me, cleanse me God, give me clean heart, but if I be free of iniquity, by your grace, Lord God, regard me according my righteousness. 

Thank you for being my lamp. God, please lighten my darkness. As for you Father, your way is perfect. Your word is tried. You are a protector to all that trust in you. God you are my strength and my power, and maketh my way perfect. You setteth me up in high places. 

Teach my hand to war that a bow of steel is broken in my arms. Give me the shield of salvation I beg you. Enlarge my steps under me that I do not slip. Gird me up with the strength to battle so that those that rise up against me are subdued that I may destroy my enemies until they are consumed, that they may have fallen under my feet. Lord, I will ask that you deliver me ahead of the heathen. 

Praise be to you, O Mighty and Masterful God. You are alive. The Lord liveth! Blessed be my rock. Exalted be the God who is the rock of my salvation. It is God that avenges me and that brings my enemies under me. Bring me forth from more enemies, you have lifted me up on high above them that rose up against me, you have delivered me from the violent man. There, I will give thanks to you. Even in the presence of my enemies, I will sing praises unto your holy name. You are the tower of salvation and have mercy on me O Lord for now and forever. Amen. Amen.

For those of you that do not know, 2nd Samuel 22:2 was a song that David sang unto the Lord the day that he delivered David from his enemies and Saul. 

I pray that you find hope here. But even if you don’t, just find trust. The more you start trusting in God the more hope you will have. If the word says it to be true, IT IS! Try God today 🙌

Do you have any prayers for times of conflict? Please share. Your prayer may be someone’s future prayer.


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