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I Absolutely Love You God

First of all God I absolutely love spending time with you. Like for me there’s no place I’d rather be. I’m okay with no one understanding me on that  for better words I don’t have any desire to hang out with friends. I know they say I need a break, and I do, but my break is solitude and Bible and prayer time.

That’s my social time and if you have never felt that way, well, welp oh well, that’s how I feel and I really don’t want to hear anyone’s opinion about it. God I love you and all of your ways and I love spending my time with you. Like I need you. I need to choose you. Not like I need you because you could end my life at any moment but I need you as in my heart desires you.

A lot of times I want to shut down from the world because I want my time with you. That’s why it will be important for my husband to understand that. Maybe on Friday night, he could sit beside me while I’m journaling and journal too or listen to a sermon or read the Bible. My God, My God. I’ll be married and my thoughts will be acceptable HEHE.

The fact that I could be overjoyed about a man that loves God and being with him is crazy to me. God I’m ready for this. I’m ready to be myself. To be free with him. God I ask that the same way I want him to be attracted to the God in me, I want to be attracted to the God in him. I want to physically be attracted to the God in him.

God, what’s your thought of going into marriage counseling right into dating to determine compatibility? (Later discovered as pre-engagement counseling)

Also, I know I’ve been wondering about Godly dating and it just registered that we could do Christian conventions, relationship getaways/retreats – separate rooms?! Dating conferences, fairs, gardens, outdoor time. Hiking, biking, gym, cooking classes, etc. To my surprise, there’s plenty of things to do during the dating phase in a Godly relationship.

I did some research on pre-engagement counselors and counseling and read that it should be started 6 months into your relationship once you decided you want to the spend the rest of your life together.
Wow, I keep saying how anything can happen in 6 months and 6 months in we could be wanting to spend our lives together? WOW!

Yes, I want to lay a strong Godly foundation as soon as possible!

In lieu of counseling, I need to work on being honest to myself about what I can and cannot do so that I can be honest with him and them in counseling. Even now, I have a problem short selling myself, agreeing to something well beneath my worth or not even speaking up about it and resenting it later. That’s just the beginning of all of the things I need to work on but definitely being upfront and honest about what I can and cannot/won’t do will be important in pre-engagement counseling so that I am not tricking my future husband into believing one thing knowing that in my heart I want to do another.

Have you done pre-engagement counseling? If so, please share. If not, would you?


  1. Me and steven did a short one from the same pastor who married us, it was helpful to hear his advice..


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