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He's an On-Time God...Yes He is!

Over the last couple of months, probably the last year, I’ve been saying – God’s timing is perfect. It’s amazing to see some of the things I’ve talked to God about come to pass.

God has certainly prepared me to write this as it just truly hit me this morning but God had been showing me little by little, day by day. Last week, I watched a video of my pastor and his message was titled “The Delay in the Spirit World”. He talked about how when we ask God for things in the natural, God starts working behind the scenes and things start shifting in the spirit world. What I love about the anointing on this pastor is that it resonates with me by breaking down old adages that our grandparents used to say.

He talked about how God is working supernaturally, because we can’t see beyond the natural, in our waiting we think God said no. God didn’t say no, he’s just working on his time and not yours.

So while we are waiting, the devil sees all that God is doing for us, and he’s like wait-a-minute, let me go over here and start some confusion. Let me see if I can make them doubt God. What can I do to make them lose their faith?!!

All you know is stuff starts hitting you left and right. Ok. So here it is. Our parents and grandparents would say when it seems like everything is going wrong and we are being tested all over, our blessing is on its way or our blessing is on the other side. And the devil knows that. When everything is happening, that is a clear indicator that God is about to bless you. See, AHA! Moment. So now it all makes sense to me.

It’s normal to be afflicted right before God shows up and shows out because the devil is a hater, literally, and wants to steal God’s glory.

I promise when you ask God for stuff, it’s up to you to have faith and stand still. Learn some patience and wait for it to come to pass.

I’m a living witness of this testament.

  1. All the times I tried to leave my daughter’s dad, I would start looking for a job, looking for an apartment, sometimes I went as far as packing. Every single time…it never worked out. God blocked it every time. I look back and I realize it wasn’t my time. It wasn’t God’s time, either. I was not emotionally and spiritually ready. But this time, it was. I was ready....
  2. Even with my finances, walking out on faith like this is scary and relying on God for your every need can be scary. Not knowing if you will make ends meet this week is scary. Not knowing if you’ll have groceries. No new job prospects. Running out of gas in your car. S C A R Y! But the God I serve…My God, My God. He is amazing. Every time a worrying thought came up, his blessing showed up shortly after. None of these things actually manifested itself. He sent me steady income. He blessed me with groceries. He put gas in my car. He paid all of my bills, even the ones out of my budget – like my student loans lol. On a sidenote, if you can clear your expectation of what God is supposed to do for you and simplify your thoughts, you’d be able to see how much he truly blessed you, even in those things he withheld from you. I told God I don’t want much, only what I need. So for me, the simple things like providing $265 worth of groceries from Whole Foods is enough for me to SHOUT.
  3. Last summer, 2017, my car had a leak. Something about there was a blockage in the sunroof causing water to back up in a hose which soaked the floors of my car. It was so bad, they suspected electrical damage. I prayed, Lord, please let them total my car so I can get a minivan. YES…a minivan was my dream car. Lol. I thought I would never desire one but after having a baby and driving a Toyota Corolla, I needed more space. Shoot, I’ve used my car for everything – moving, toothpaste markets, taking naps while baby naps, changing diapers, breastfeeding. Man how I wished for a minivan. They ended up not totaling it and fixed it and I still drove my car. So when I moved, I said God if I can get a minivan and keep my same car note and insurance, could we do that? Oh yea, could we also get a double stroller. I am a nanny and these would help me in my business. It would also help me with getting back to doing markets for toothpaste. So, I’ve prayed that the last two months. Guess what? I drove off the lot with my minivan yesterday. It’s a year newer than my Corolla, 4000 miles less, sunroof addition as it didn’t come with one, 8 seater…and guess what? All for $1 more a month. That’s car note and insurance combined. I paid $586 for my car note and insurance for my Corolla, and I am paying $587 for my minivan. PRAISE HIM. My God’s timing is perfect. Look, it’s been about 9 months since conception of desiring a minivan to it actually coming to pass. I’m still amazed and shocked at the same time.

Just to see all the things I’ve asked God for manifest is amazing. See everybody wants to show God off as  a God of prosperity, I want to show him off as a God of ABILITY. He is able! He’s able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask. *Praise Break* HE is able to turn the tables in my favour. I believe, yes yes, I do believe – Faithful to Believe by Byron Cage

Let’s be honest, how many of you are willing to wait for God and receive according to his will and his time? I pray my testimonies are enough to encourage you to speak it and then wait for it, even if it takes a month or even a year. Speak it! Then, WAIT!


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